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Italy plans to spend 6.7 billion euros to expand broadband networks

Apr. 06, 2021

According to Reuters, the Italian government will spend 6.7 billion euros on broadband network expansion to promote economic and social recovery, which is an increase of 60% over the previous target.

According to news, the Italian government is revising a plan on national recovery and resilience plans to boost the domestic market in the later stages of the epidemic.

Italy plans to obtain assistance from the European union  ’s 206 billion euro recovery fund. The European union   Recovery Fund is used to help countries hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Italian government now plans to increase spending on broadband, 5G and satellite infrastructure from 4.2 billion euros set by the previous government in January to 6.7 billion euros.

A source said that the total investment in promoting digitization will increase from 46.3 billion euros to 49 billion euros, including investment in public management and assistance to small and medium-sized companies.

In the European union  's 2019 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Italy ranks fourth from the bottom in terms of digital competitiveness.