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Latvia and Estonia plan to build transmission systems to connect offshore wind farms

May. 04, 2021

Grid operators in Latvia and Estonia have signed an agreement to jointly explore solutions to connect offshore wind farms of up to 1 GW that can serve the two countries.

Latvia's AS Augstsprieguma tikls (AST) and Estonia's Elering AS announced the cooperation agreement in their declaration of independence on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Energy of Latvia and Estonia signed a memorandum of understanding in September 2020 to develop an offshore wind energy project called ELWIND in the Baltic Sea. 

The installed capacity of the project is between 700 MW and 1,000 MW and is expected to be completed by the end of 2030.

Elering and AST will be responsible for the construction of the offshore transmission network and the connection to the onshore grid. At present, the two sides have conducted preliminary studies on potential transmission routes in the Gulf of Riga and the west coast of Latvia and Estonia. The two companies stated that more detailed research and cooperation are needed to better evaluate and make future decisions.