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The process characteristics of wire and cable products manufacture

Mar. 28, 2017

The manufacture of wires and cables is entirely different from the production mode of most mechanical and electrical products, which would normally use components to be assembled into parts, and then many of those are to be fitted into a single product that would be counted with number of sets or packages. Wires and cables use the length as the basic unit of measurement; all of those start with the conductor processing that it would add insulation, shield, cabling and sheath to the outside conductor layer by layer in order to produce wire and cable products. If the structure of product is more complex, the layer would be more added. 

The process characteristics of wire and cable products manufacture

1. Length added continuously for a combined mode of production  

Length added continuously for a combined mode of production, whose impact on the production of wires and cables is global and controlled is involved in and to affect:

(1) production process and equipment layout

All kinds of equipment in workshop has to be laid out reasonably according to the technological process required by products, enabling the semi-finished products of each process to be circulated in sequence. We have to consider balancing the production capacity due to different production efficiency when allocating equipment, and some equipment must be configured two or more sets, in order to balance the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, reasonably matching equipment and setting up the site of production have to be overall considered according to products and production capacity.

(2) production organization and management

Production organization and management must be scientific and reasonable, careful and accurate, strict and meticulous, and operators have to strictly execute according to process requirements. If any link has problems, it will affect the process smooth, the quality of products and delivery, especially for the multiple-core cables. If some line pair or the length of basic unit is short, or this kind of cable has quality problems, the whole cable will be not long enough, leading to being discarded. On the contrary, if the length of a unit is too long, it has to be cut off leading to waste.

(3) quality management

Length added continuously for a combined mode of production would affect the quality of the entire cable as soon as any link in process of production has a bit problem instantly. The more quality defects occur in the inner layer without finding out in time to stop production, the more loss would be caused. As the production of wires and cables is different from assembled products that can be disassembled and replaced parts; the quality problems of any part or process of wires and cables cannot be turned back and made up for a cable. The treatment is very negative afterwards; for example, either to cut the cable off to be short and handle at a lower grade, or to discard the entire cable. It cannot be disassembled and then reassembled. The quality management of wires and cables has to be throughout the entire production process. The quality management department should carry out the patrol inspection to the entire production process, operator making self-checking, process with mutual inspection, which are the important guarantee and approaches that can ensure the product quality and improve the economic benefits for corporations. 

2 production process with many categories and large material flow

The manufacture of wires and cables relates to a wide range of process categories, from melting nonferrous metals and pressure processing to plastic, rubber, paint and other chemical technologies; from wrapping fiber materials around, weaving, and other textile technologies to wrapping and longitudinally covering metal materials, the forming process of welding metals and other technologies. A wide variety of materials used for the manufacture of wires and cables have not only many categories, varieties, specifications, but also large quantity. Therefore, it has to check on the dosage, backup dosage, batch cycle and batch of every material. In the meantime, decomposing, recycling waste and the treatment of that is important to the management, which is to do the quota management with materials well, and pay attention to the conservation work. During the production of wires and cables, it has to be reasonably laid out and managed with dynamics from raw materials to getting auxiliary materials in and out and storage, from the circulation of semi-finished products from each process to the storage of products and leaving the factory with the large material flow.

3. With a large amount of special equipment

The manufacture of wires and cables must use special production equipment with the process characteristics of this industry, in order to adapt to the structure and requirement for performance of cable products, and meet the continuous length and high-speed production as much as possible, which has formed special equipment series for the production of cables, such as  Such as extrusion machine series, wire drawing machine series, wire machine series, wrapping machine series. The manufacturing process of wires and cables is closely related to the development of special equipment, and they would promote each other. The new technological requirements can boost the generation and development of new special equipment; on the other hand, the development of new equipment will also improve and promote the campaign and application for new technologies. For instance, wire drawing, annealing, pulling out series lines, physical foaming production line and other special equipment have promoted the development and improvement of the manufacturing process of wires and cables, and have improved the product quality and production efficiency of cables.