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What's identification method for low-smoke, halogen-free,combustion-resistant wire

May. 29, 2018

1.Product name identification method. Wire--low-smoke, halogen-free, combustion-resistant, PE insulated electric wire; Cable--low-smoke, halogen-free, combustion-resistant PE insulated low-smoke, halogen-free, combustion-resistant PE sheathed power cable. Imitation product generally have different name, such as PE insulated low-smoke, halogen-free sheathed, combustion-resistant power cable and so on.

2.Epidermis burning method. The insulation layer should not be significantly sunken by using a soldering iron. If there’s a large sunken, it indicates that the material or process used in the insulation layer is defective. Or using lighter to grill,normally, it should be difficult to ignite, cable insulation layer is still relatively complete after a long-term burning, no heavy smoke and pungent smell, while diameter has increased. If it is easy to ignite, it can be determined that cable insulation layer doesn’t use low-smoke, halogen-free material ( most likely PE or XLPE material). If it appears heavy smoke, it means insulation layer used halogen-containing material. If the insulation surface is severely detached after a long-term combustion and diameter doesn’t increase obviously, it means the proper irradiation cross-linking process has not been performed.

3.Hot water immersion method. Put wire core or cable into hot water at 90℃,insulation resistance won’t drop rapidly and stay above 0.1MΩ/Km under normal conditions. If insulation resistance drop sharply or even below 0.009MΩ/Km, it means it has not been treated with an appropriate irradiation cross-linking process. (PE or XLPE material are not applicable to identify with this method, and can be identified with item 2 above).

4.Density contrast method. Low-smoke, halogen-free material has higher density compared with water and can be stripped a few insulation layer and put into water, if float on water, it’s certainly not low-smoke, halogen-free material.