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How to judge the quality of cable joints

Oct. 23, 2018

When the cables are paved already, every paragraphs line must connect into a entirety for making it to be a consecutive circuit, these points of junction are called cable joint. The cable joint in the middle of the cable line is called intermediate head, while the cable joint on the both sides are called terminals. The cable joint is used to lock and fix the inlet-outlet line, have the effect of waterproof, dust proof and shockproof. Hyand Cable will tell you how to judge the quality of the cable joint, it is mainly have the below several aspects in principle

1,Electrical Performance. It is the primary principle to judge whether the cable joint is good or not on quality. Mainly to considering that whether the distribution of electric field is reasonable, whether the measure of improving the distribution of electric field is proper, the electric strength of the material, dielectric loss and the insulation margin of the product, etc. 

2,Sealing property. The Seal moisture resistance can affect the electrical properties and service life directly. Whether it is reliable and stable for the hermetically-sealed construction of the terminal. Generally speaking, there should be a matched metal moisture-proof shell on the outside for the intermediate head, especially for the buried directly underground or using on the moist environment. 

3,Mechanical property. The terminal should have the enough capacity of bending resistance and shock resistance. The intermediate head should be able to bear determinate tension and have the measure to prevent damage by external force.

4,Processing property. The processing property is one of the important conditions for design and selection, Standard design and reliable technology are important means to improve quality.