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Bulgaria Telenor will launch 5G network service on June 10

Apr. 27, 2021

Telenor Bulgaria, a Bulgarian mobile network operator, revealed that it plans to launch its 5G network on June 10, aiming to cover major cities and seaside resorts in the summer.

Telenor hopes to establish itself as a leader in 5G network coverage and customer experience quality by mid-2022. The company’s CEO Bogdan Uzelac said: “At Telenor, we are aware of the important role of mobile technology. As operators, we should play a role in the development and innovation of the technological world. The fifth generation of networks will become many economic and social processes. As a catalyst, we hope that consumers will become part of this process."

The company also pointed out: "The ultimate goal of Telenor is to launch its 5G network through a complete ecosystem that contains all the essential elements to provide its customers with a 5G experience and first-class quality in a meaningful way. "

Earlier this month, Bulgaria’s communications regulator issued a nationwide 5G frequency license to the three main telecommunications companies operating in the country: A1 Bulgaria, Bulgarian Telecom (BTC) operating under the Vivacom brand, and Telenor Bulgaria.

Among them, Telenor Bulgaria has obtained a license for the 3500-3600 MHz frequency band. It is reported that the company provides digital services, mobile technology and entertainment solutions to more than 3 million customers.