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The points of installing wire and cable joints

Apr. 10, 2017

During the installation of the electric power engineering, terminal fitting and middle joints of wires and cables are the important parts of electrical power equipment within transmission cable lines, whose role is to spread out the electric field at the area for cutting off the external shield of terminal fitting of cables, and protect cables from being puncturing, with the internal, external insulation and waterproof. 

1,conductor connection

Conductor connection requires the low resistance and sufficient mechanical strength, and the joint cannot turn up appear sharp angles.

2, the shielding treatment of the internal semiconductor

As long as the cable body has an inner shielding layer, it has to recover that within the joint of the compression joint conductor part during making joints. The inner semiconductor of cables needs to be left with some parts, so as to enable the inner shielding layer of connectors on the connector tube to be connected each other, and ensure the continuity of the inner semiconductor to make the electric field at the area of connectors and connector tubes be spread over evenly. 

3, the shielding treatment of the external semiconductor

The external semiconductor shielding is the semiconducting material that can equal the electric field for cables, joints and the external insulation, which plays a vital role in cables and joints as the same as  the internal semiconductor shielding. The port of the external semiconductor has to be neat and even, also required to transit with the insulation smoothly, and it has to add and wrap semi-conducting tape around to the joint, connected to the external semiconductor shielding of the body of cables. 

4. the treatment of the cable reaction cone

The reaction cone with the accurate shape and size during the construction is equal in the electric potential on the whole conical surface. It would normally use special cutting tools, and can also slightly heat with low fire and cut with a shape knife in the production of XLPE cable reaction cone, after which, it should be repaired and scraped with the glass with the thickness of 2mm when being basically shaped. Finally, it is going to polish from the thick ones to the thin ones with sand paper until it becomes smooth.

5, the metal shielding and grounding

The metal shield in the cable and joint is mainly used for conducting cable fault current and shielding the electromagnetic field from electromagnetic interference with adjacent communication equipment. The metal shielding under operation in good grounding condition is at zero potential, and it has the ability to conduct the short-circuit current within an extremely short time after the cable comes up faults. The grounding wire should be reliable welding, and the metal shield and armoring tape on the two ends of the body of box is to be firmly welded, and the grounding terminal should be reliable.

6, joint sealing and mechanical protection

Joint sealing and mechanical protection is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the joint. It should prevent joints from being soaked into water and moisture, and build the joint protection groove in the joint position should be a masonry or install cement protective box.