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The remedial method of cable fire

Jun. 20, 2017

Once the cable is on fire, the following methods should be used:

(1) cut off the cable power with being on fire. The cable power burning, regardless of what causes, should immediately cut off the power, and then, according to the path and characteristics of cable going through. We should inspect carefully, and find out the fault point of the cable, and immediately organize personnel to fight the blaze.

(2) being on fire inside the cable trench is not cutting off fault cable power. When the cable channel is on fire, if the cable with the possibility of a fire ditch laying side by side is obvious, the power should be cut off. If the cable cable is arranged in layers, it will firstly cut off the power cable fire heating cable, then cut off cable power cable fire side by side, and the fire cable power cable below should be cut off.

(3) close cable trench isolation door or blocked at both ends. When the cable trench is on fire, in order to avoid air circulation, to facilitate the rapid fire, should be separated through cable channel both ends closed or blocked, with the suffocation method.

(4) to extinguish the fire of the cable body protection. Since the cable burning will produce a lot of smoke and poisonous gas, put out the cable fire, firefighters should wear masks. In order to prevent fighting in the process of personal electric shock, fighting personnel should wear rubber gloves and insulating boots. If it is found that the high voltage cable grounding and fighting personnel should follow: indoor distance shall not enter the fault point within 4m, shall enter from the outdoor fault point within 8m, in order to avoid the step voltage and the contact voltage wounding. Injured on the ambulance, but should take protective measures.

(5) the cable fire extinguished fire extinguishers. Cable fire extinguisher should be used to extinguish the fire, such as dry powder fire extinguisher, "1211" fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide extinguisher; also can use dry sand or loess cover; if it is the fire water, it is best to use the spray gun; if it is the fierce fire, and not by other means fighting, to cut off the power after irrigation to the cable trench, because water can seal fault fire off.

(6) in the case of fire fighting of the cable, it is forbidden to touch the cable armor and the move cable directly by hand.