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The uses and characteristics of flame retardant cables

Apr. 14, 2017

The flame retardant cable mainly refers to that the extension of flame can be controlled within a certain range in a specified condition, and it is a kind of cable that can put out by itself within a specified time. The largest feature of this type of cable is able to prevent the extension of fire when coming up the fire, which ensures the security for all sorts of equipment.  In order to enable people to learn more about it, we are going to know about its relevant introduction in many aspects. 

Firstly: uses For this type of cable, it has a wide range of uses, since installation places are also as many as that. For example, it can be installed in power plants, the petrochemical industry, steel plants, and it can be applied to electricity substations in substation, computers and so on, which is suitable for installing in those places with the extremely demanding flame retardant. 

Secondly: characteristics The largest feature of flame retardant cables is with the better ability to preventing the fire spread during laying them out, which can take control of the burning area of wires and cables within a certain range, normally within 2.5 meters to greatly cut off the huge loss caused by the fire.  The market share is also highly large for flame retardant cables, and with the wide application of our domestic wires and cables, China has become the largest country of origin for cable products, and added many new enterprises, which has improved a lot for the overall level of production, and still has huge potential for the development of the wire and cable industry.